I'm sure we can all agree that one of the best perks of living and working in Wyoming is the state income tax system or lack thereof. Getting your paycheck without having to give money over to the Cowboy State each paycheck is quite the perk if you like to keep your money.

Unfortunately for our favorite starting QB in the NFL, he not only works in New York state, but he also gets to pay those New York state taxes. Nothing against Buffalo, but he sure isn't getting a Wyoming tax break, that's for sure.

A guy on TikTok broke down how much Josh has to pay in before he even gets to spend any of his money. Check this out. It has to be maddening.

Obviously, he's paying way more in Federal income taxes if this guy's math is right, which is at $15.86 million and he's paying the state of New York $3.16 million. I'm sure he'd like to keep that $3.16 million. I mean, he could buy a nice Wyoming ranch for that and probably a bunch of cattle to go with it for that price.

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He's paying in over $20 million of his $43 million dollar salary!

My Dad would say(ain't no one worth that much money) I can clearly hear that in my head. But, man, if someone is willing to pay you that, take it. The government is more than happy for you to make that much, so why not.

It's wild to see that money just vanish due to taxes and other things. Another reason to love living in Wyoming.

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