Are you going to Saturday's concert in Denver?

Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger are playing at the Comfort Dental Amphitheatre on October 1.

All this week we are featuring those three bands "Live at 5:05" to help get you ready for the show.

Already we've played Foreigner, "Feels Like the First Time," off their first live album, "Classic Hits Live," released in 1993.

On Tuesday we played "Any Way You Want It" from Journey's "Captured" release in 1981 and today, Wednesday, we featured a unique acoustic version of Night Ranger's "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" recorded for VH1 Classic in 2008.

Coming up on Thursday, we've dug out a performance of "Juke Box Hero" by Foreigner and we'll finish off the week with an encore performance of "Wheel In The Sky" from Journey.

Enjoy the show and if you have suggestions of songs you'd like to hear "Live at 5:05," leave a comment or send me an email;