We can make it read as though spring weather stats are pretty dangerous in Wyoming. If it seems our atmosphere always gets really disturbed about the same time every afternoon, it usually does, but here are a few other pieces of truth.

Maybe in every place around the country people say their weather changes fast. Maybe there’s some truth to that too, but when it’s said about Wyoming, we tend to believe it.

According to Wyomingskywarn.net, we live in one of the most difficult areas to forecast. Laramie County gets about 50 thunderstorm days per year. The real fun is when severe hail - one inch or larger - happens about 29 times a year, most often in the extreme southeast part of the state.

Does hail only near 30 times a year seem to you like a low number? Skywarn adds that smaller hail is actually two to four times as frequent. Does that sounds more like it?

At the same time, no Wyoming city is on the top 10 list for hail. We are also not even close to having a top ten rainest, or least rainy, city. Don't you like not being in some top tens?

Cheyenne and Casper both have about 107 totally sunny days per year, and both well over 210 days with some sunshine.

And would you guess The Cowboy State is the nation's windiest? No, it sure seems like it, though, and we are a neighbor of two in that top 5 - Nebraska and South Dakota.

And about real wind, Wyoming is also not in the top 10 states for tornados, but if you see one, go the other way now.


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