KFC has replaced its iconic potato wedges with fries and the internet is showing that they are not happy with the new change.

If someone were to ask you, "Do you want fries or potato wedges?" The obvious answer is fries. That's assuming that it's not at a KFC, where you expect potato wedges. However, they are looking to change direction and replace their well known potato wedges with fries, which doesn't even sound right. The new menu item is called 'Secret Recipe Fries'.

However, as you can imagine, the Internet took to Twitter to show their displeasure with the fries replacing the potato wedges.

As you can see, many are currently displeased with the new fries from KFC, which are in the test stages, but are soon to replace the potato wedges nationwide. I have not had these new fries, but my question is why make the change? They had something not many other places have with the potato wedges that were so well known. Couldn't they just add the fries on to their menu as another option?

But who knows? Maybe we'll get used to it, like when Apple took away the Home button on iPhone, because honestly, you don't even think about it anymore. Enjoy the new fries at KFC.

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