Fries go with anything. Some weirdos who go to Wendy's even dip them in their Frosty. However, that is definitely not where you would go to find the best fries in Wyoming. It just so happens that a local establishment in Laramie is where you find those.

The popular food publication, Eat This, Not That! recently decided to hit up all the best spots in every state for fries. When they came to Wyoming, they picked a spot that Laramie is all too familiar with, The Crowbar and Grill. Here's why Eat This, Not That! picked The Crowbar and Grill as the spot in Wyoming that has the best fries in the state:

Every month you get a new fry special at this spot famous for Wyoming's best fried potatoes. They may reflect global cuisine or a particular beloved dish. The kitchen takes a creative spin on its fry dishes—try the Pad Thai Fries or the Poutine Fries. They're an epicurean delight!

Of course, if you are familiar with the menu at The Crowbar and Grill, then you know that not only do they have the Pad Thai Fries and Poutine Fries, but also the Parmesan Truffle Fries and Bulgogi Fries. Give them a try yourself at 202 S. 2nd Street in Laramie. You can also check out their full menu at the link here.

Of course, if you happen to venture south to Colorado and you want to find the best spot for fries down there, Denver is where you go for that. The Will Call Bar & Restaurant in Denver is what 'Eat This, Not That!' picked as the best fries in that state. To check out all the other spots in each state across the country, click the link here.

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