Some video company needs to hire this kid because he's good. They'll have to wait a year or two since he's only 15, but he just created a hilarious video of how he randomly ended up in Wyoming. This is a classic.

The kid's name is Owen Elliott. He's got a great sense of humor as you'll see. You'll also see that he ends up kinda praising the great state of Wyoming while he's at it.

Yes Owen, there is more than Kanye in Wyoming. He even noticed that one of the mountains next to Grand Teton is Mount Owen. Really.

Google Maps
Google Maps

He learned that 10-mile hikes in Wyoming are awesome. One thing he said about our state kind of sums up part of why we're special. He noticed that Wyoming is gorgeous even on a cloudy day. How many places can you say that about?

"It's just so nice there...everything is was beautiful."

We know, Owen. We know.

Thank you for such a fun and well-done video, Owen. We love having people like you who appreciate that there really is something in Wyoming...and it's beautiful. Come back anytime.

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