As we cling onto the classics that helped shape rock throughout the decades, we're all wondering what the youth of today will champion as they grow up. Will it be the tried and true legends or will it be a new reign of rockers who win the emerging audience? Prepare to find out what kids think about Guns N' Roses in this latest Kids React video!

The video starts off by informing the group of children ranging from ages six through 13 that they'll be listening to a 30-year-old album: Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses. Some of the youngsters are already aware of the band while other remain in the dark, perturbed by the title of the record and thrown off by the seemingly conflicting imagery of the band's name.

The first song they're subjected to is the immortal "Welcome to the Jungle," where some confirm their suspicions that they were dealing with a rock 'n' roll band. The opinions vary when "Mr. Brownstone" comes on with some preferring the track to the theatric anthem they heard just prior.

Up next was "Paradise City" and a number of kids immediately recognized the song and started to proclaim how much they like the band. One of the best moments comes when the familiar intro of "Sweet Child O' Mine" starts up and one young girl exclaims, "My mom sings this to my brother every night!"

As the songs roll on and the kids react to photos of the band and the music video for "November Rain," the reactions remain mixed, but an overwhelming amount of little ones detail how much they enjoyed the songs they heard, which is a testament to the timeless quality of one of rock's greatest albums!

These kids will have the chance to catch GN'R live this summer as the band continues their "Not in This Lifetime..." tour. The North American trek will start on July 27. Check our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours for a list of stops before getting your Metallica tickets.

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