Local band Sunnydale High will be playing at the Mishawaka amphitheater in Bellevue, Colorado on Saturday, June 9.

Sunnydale High is one of five bands selected out of forty applicants to participate in the Punk Off. Each of the bands entered the contest through an online application. Their performances on Saturday will take place in front of a jury and a live audience. Out of the five bands, only two will win the competition. Also performing in the Punk Off with Sunnydale High are: Bitter Suns, Dryer Fire, One Flew West, and Plasma Canvas.

If selected as one of the winners, Sunnydale High will play an extended set at the Denver stop of the final Vans Warped Tour. The tour, which began in 1995, has been described as "punk rock summer camp", will end its run due to declining ticket sales, declining band participation, and the retirement of its founder Kevin Lyman.

In addition to the national exposure that the tour would provide, Sunnydale High and its members are excited just to have the chance to play with the Descendents. Sunnydale High guitarist and vocalist Seneca Flowers spoke about the upcoming performance, saying that "it's a big deal because The Descendants was an influential band on each of our lives. It's an amazing opportunity to play with our musical heroes."

Additional show information and ticket purchases can be found by clicking here.

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