A seven-year-old boy from Laramie is the star of a new Make-A-Wish video. Three years ago this week, Austin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. While he bravely battled the disease, Austin dreamed of an epic whale watching adventure with his family. Last summer, that dream came true.

“His wish to see whales in the wild was one that captured his love for wildlife and his want to see something strong and beautiful, just like him,” his mother Cassidy explained.

It was a trip that Austin and his family will never forget.

"We have been consumed with hospital stays and medicine and sickness and balancing family and work life on top of it all," Cassidy told Make-A-Wish Wyoming. "This trip gave us a chance to escape and gave us so many opportunities to just live in the moment and live for the 'right here' and the 'right now.' It made us focus on the important things... celebrating the life of our 7-year-old cancer fighter and celebrating the challenges that we have conquered together as a family."

"We've learned a lot about our son. We've learned a lot about his strength and who he is as a person. He's my hero," she added.

Austin is one of over 500 children from Wyoming who have benefitted from Make-A-Wish since the state chapter was established in 1985. In recent years, the organization has sent families all over the world, granting wishes to visit Australia, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.






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