In a library not so, far, far away, the Laramie County Library System is set to celebrate, May The 4th. You know, May The 4th Be With You? Yeah, that's what we have going on here. They're set to do some really fun things for the whole family to celebrate.

Starting Tuesday at 10 am through 9 pm, you can learn to build your own lightsaber. Registration is open now to get your lightsaber kit, and if you want to help take down the Sith, you'll want to go ahead and reserve your kit to pick up here. The kit will have instructions and an online tutorial so the whole family can get in on the action.

What's May The 4th without watching Star Wars? You can join the Laramie County Library on Zoom and watch the original trilogy. The first three that started in the 70s, not the ones with Jar Jar. Those were terrible. Anyways, you can find the link to watch along here. Make sure you get your RSVP in, otherwise you'll miss out! They'll start the films at noon tomorrow, and they'll run through 6 pm.

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The Laramie County Library has really stepped up for May The 4th, if you didn't look at a calendar before reading this, you can go ahead and thank Luke Skywalker that you're going to be able to celebrate properly and with a fancy DIY lightsaber. The only thing they didn't include was Star Wars-themed snacks, but I have your back, you can find some themed food here. Luke Skywater seems pretty easy.


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