A Laramie man was arrested on charges of Grand Larceny after he stole a vehicle from a West Laramie bar.

That Laramie Police Department says that Jake G. McKinney allegedly entered an SUV outside of Bud's Bar, on the 300 block of West University Ave, in Laramie, and demanded that three children sitting in the back seat leave the vehicle.

Police Commander Mitchell Cushman says that the owner of the SUV, with the children in the backseat, had only left for just a moment.  " One of the parents had just run in to talk to her spouse when Mckinney got in the vehicle," Cushman says.  "This could have been tragic if the children did not get out, or if the circumstances were changed just a little."

Court documents say that the children did leave the SUV and ran inside the nearby bar, where police were called.  McKinney allegedly drove the car to the area of North 3rd Street and Curtis, where he was pulled over by officers and arrested.

The juveniles were not harmed during the incident.  The suspect was described as appearing intoxicated at the time of the theft.

Grand Larceny is a felony and is punishable by a prison term of 10 years, a fine of $10,000 or both.