With a cost of living just higher than the national average, Laramie, Wyoming is the fourth poorest city in Wyoming. That's according to Road Snacks, a self-described "infotainment" company.

They use data from the census to create listings of various types. This time they ranked the poorest cities in Wyoming.

Laramie was ranked at number four on their 2021 list. In Laramie, they note that the cost of living is a bit higher than the national average. They also say that "[T]he town ranks as having the 2nd lowest median household income and the highest incidence of poverty in the state."

Lovell, Wyoming in north-central Wyoming tops the listing. They have the lowest median income in Wyoming at $45,259, the fourth-highest unemployment rate at 10%, and the second hights poverty rate in the state.

Afton, WY, in west-central Wyoming, near the Utah border comes in at number two on the poorest cities in Wyoming list. They have the fourth-lowest median Income in Wyoming at $51,458. That combined with the highest unemployment rate in the state and the 11th highest poverty rate push the town in Lincoln County to the top of the listing.

On the opposite end of the square that is Wyoming Torrington in east-central Wyoming comes in at number two. Torrington's median income ranks as the fifth-lowest in the Cowboy State. The unemployment rate is the third-highest in the state. However, the cost of living in Torrington is lower.

Here are the ten poorest places in Wyoming for 2021 from Road Snacks:

  1. Lovell
  2. Afton
  3. Torrington
  4. Laramie
  5. Powell
  6. Mills
  7. Evanston
  8. Riverton
  9. Thermopolis
  10. Worland

The folks at Road Snacks added an editor's note to their ranking of the poorest cities in Wyoming list. They said that, "this isn't a commentary on the people that live there or the vibrant culture and traditions of these places. Instead, it's just a look at the facts."

That's a good thing to remember when thinking about information like this. Yes, the numbers are important and need to be taken seriously by public officials and lawmakers. But, from the smallest nearly-ghost town to the cosmopolitan cities, each town in Wyoming is special to someone. Especially to the people that call them home. The people that build lives in these communities.

Every town is somebody's hometown.

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