Yesterday, I stopped by one of my favorite watering holes in town, Freedom's Edge Brewing Company, for a refreshment, which isn't unusual. As I'm looking at their beer board, I notice my wife is talking to someone next to me about what she called a passport. I turned and noticed she was talking about this little book that had Wyoming Breweries included.

When I started paying attention to what they were saying, it was a really cool concept! You buy the book, it's 12 bucks at Freedom's Edge, and you get either BOGO beers or discounts from a number of breweries across the Cowboy State.

Here's a description from Brewery Passport's website.

Bring your Reel Craft Pass with you to the participating locations and purchase a drink. You will then get your second drink free, or 50% off 2 drinks depending on the state. Please show staff the booklet and page upon ordering. The booklet will then be stamped or signed to show proof that the coupon has been redeemed. All 2021 pre-ordered booklets ship the first week of December 2020. Passes will be valid until December 31st, 2021. A portion from every booklet sale is donated to the Trout Unlimited Chapters of each particular state. This pass is for anyone that loves beer, enjoys to travel, and has a passion for adventure. Please tag us in your adventures on Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtags #reelcraftpass #reelcraftpassrace. Lastly please remember to drink responsibly, respect staff, and have fun!

Well, this calls for an adventure. I'm in.

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