Busch Light has announced their 'Snow Day' promotion for 2021! The promotion picks various cities in the country and if you happen to live in one of those and it snows there, you'll get a discount on your beer! And wouldn't you know it, Cheyenne is one of the cities.

From now until March 30, the 'Snow Day' promotion will run and for every inch of snow that Cheyenne receives during that time, you can get $1 off your 24-pack or 30-pack of Busch Light. There are some caveats though, as there are to pretty much any promotion. You can only get up to $15 off a 30-pack and $12 off a 24-pack. But in terms of Busch Light prices, you're practically getting free beer! Also, you have to initially pay full price for your beer when you purchase it and then send in for a rebate.

But hey, anything to make a 'Snow Day' that much more enjoyable, right? Not to mention, anything to save money on beer (or at least that's how I see it).

There were a total of 30 cities that were selected across the country that get to participate in the promotion. Each happen to be in snow friendly regions.

So if we get some snow accumulations in Cheyenne, be sure to stock up on your Busch Light! And yes, I know, it's Busch Light, but still, snow = cheap beer (after your rebate).

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