The Cavalryman Steakhouse has been a Wyoming icon for generations. Built in 1925 on the grounds of Fort Saunders, the building originally served as the clubhouse for the Laramie Country Club. The local landmark was recently honored by Love Food, who named it the most unique dining experience in the Cowboy State.

The menu at the Cavalryman features several regional specialties, including a recipe for Wyoming Soda Bread attributed to one of Laramie's first settlers, rustic western entrees like Ranch Hand Skillet Pie, and creative cocktails like the Old Faithful Float and the Laramie Boomerang.

Along with their signature WyoBurger and Surf and Turf menu, the restaurant is renowned for its Old West relics, featuring heirlooms from Fort Sanders, their famous wagon wheel salad bar and remnants of an old powder keg from 1866.

Next year, the Cavalryman Steakhouse will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1970, the restaurant has been through several owners over the years but still remains a Laramie institution and now holds the title of Wyoming's most unique dining experience.





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