There are hundreds of ghost stories in the great state of Wyoming. This is one of the weirdest. In 2016, the Journal of the Bizarre published the account of a woman in Moorcroft, Wyo. whose family had been haunted by a piano they purchased from an old bordello in Laramie.

In 1978, Emily Burkholder's mother saw an advertisement for a used piano in the local newspaper. The seller told her the piano had been salvaged from one of Laramie's infamous 2nd Street brothels and had a hole that may have been caused by a gunshot.

After paying $20 for the piano, the woman began hearing songs in the middle of the night. At first, she thought she was dreaming. Then, after waking up one evening to the sound of "Waltzing Matilda" in the living room, she decided to investigate the history of the haunted piano.

She eventually found an old newspaper article about an incident that took place in 1912. A patron at the bordello was attempting to perform a trick shot, shooting a cigar from the mouth of a friend who was seated across the room on the piano bench. Tragically, the bullet bounced off the piano and struck a 19-year-old girl who worked at the brothel.

Over a century after that fatal accident, the possessed piano can still be heard playing "Waltzing Matilda" at night.



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