Did you roll out of bed today and realize that Valentine's Day is upon us!?

Queue the panicking. Did I forget it was Valentine's Day? I plead the Fifth. But IF I did forget it was Valentine's Day and only just realized I needed a gift, here's what I'd do.

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Step One: SKIP rushing to brave the crowds at Walmart to get a last-minute gift. Everything will be picked over, and Lord knows entering Walmart on Valentine's Day is one way to start hating Valentine's Day.

STEP TWO: Get your sweetheart a Valentine's-themed gift from one of Cheyenne's local shops. Genius, right?

Not sure where to start? I've got a few suggestions.

Strawberry White Chocolate Coffee from The Human Bean

If one thing screams "I LOVE YOU" in my books, it's someone bringing me coffee. Add strawberries and chocolate, and you've got the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Bonus, the Human Bean is doing a Valentine's Day giveaway tomorrow...so you could walk away with an even bigger gift than you thought!

OR a Gift Card from Crooked Cup (Plus a Chocolate Latte)

The Crooked Cup has a sweet (see what I did there?) deal on gift cards! And their Indulgent Latte features Dark Chocolate and Raspberry, which totally fits Valentine's Day.

OR Grab a Bag of Locally Roasted Coffee from Snowy Elk!

Give the caffeinated gift that keeps on giving...a bag of coffee is like 16 cups of coffee. That's 16 cups of "I Love You."

Not A Coffee Drinker? Give Your Sweetheart "Strawberry Chocolate" Tea from The Hawthorn Tree

I've had this tea. It's like a carb-free way to enjoy a chocolate-covered strawberry. And it's excellent iced or hot. They also carry yummy Cherry Chili Hot Cocoa, dozens of tea varieties, and artwork from local artists.

Start Their Day with a Giant Cinnamon Roll from Luxury Diner

Okay, who wouldn't want a humongous cinnamon roll for Valentine's Day? And these are the legendary cinnamon rolls that have won the love of Cheyenne. Just remember to get there early before they sell out.

Snag a Cookie, Strudel, or Muffin from the Bread Basket

Cheyenne's very own Bread Basket makes phenomenal breakfast pastries (the raspberry strudel is TO DIE FOR.) They also have V-Day cookies. So swing by for a delicious treat for your Valentine.

Heart-Shaped Cookies from Mary's Mountain Cookies

Go beyond a box of chocolates and bring home a heart-shaped cookie to your sweetie! Mary's Mountain Cookies has a ton of Valentine-themed cookies in their case, from giant hearts to red velvet treats.

Bring Home a LOVE-ly Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins

I mean, who wouldn't want a heart-shaped cake?

Grab a Gift Card to a Local Craft Shop

Cheyenne has quite a few crafty date night spots. Check out Board & Brush, Flydragon Studios, Graffito's, or Silver Sage Ceramics for some hands-on date night ideas. You can stick the gift card into a cute card and get bonus points for planning a future date.

Fill a Growler for Your Honey at a Local Brewery

Most of Cheyenne's local breweries fill growlers with craft beers and beverages for folks to enjoy at home. Check out Black Tooth Brewing, Accomplice Beer Company, Freedom's Edge, Blue Raven, or Chronicles Distilling for local, Wyoming-made adult beverages.

Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts for Exes

We all know the truth, Valentine's Day is ALSO Singles Awareness Day. But some of those single people are glad to be living solo right now...and a few of them wouldn't mind sending their ex a revenge gift or two. Need inspiration on hilarious Anti-Valentines for an ex? We've got you covered.

PSA - these gifts are intended for good fun and keep it PG-13. But trust me; they'll guarantee some laughs!

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