Wyoming’s American Legion Baseball teams have been given the green light to start practice on Monday but there are limitations.

State Chairman Cody Beers told WyoPreps, “No more than nine persons can be on the field at one time.”

This includes any combination of coaches and players. As examples, a team could have eight players and one coach or seven players and two coaches, as long as it does not exceed the ‘nine-person limit,’ then teams will be allowed to prepare for some sort of 2020 season.

Another obstacle to starting practice on Monday could be access to a baseball field in various communities. Those decisions are being made at the local level.

Beers has a meeting with the American Legion State Commander and another one with all the head coaches of Wyoming Legion Baseball teams over the next two days. He will provide another update to WyoPreps once those are complete.

When the season starts will depend on decisions made by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and the State Health Department. One key piece has to do with raising the limit on public gatherings from 10-to-50.

Beers said, “If that is approved at the state level, then Wyoming teams ‘could’ start a season with major restrictions in place. This would include no fans in the stands.”

He added, “I know this wouldn’t be ideal, but it’s the only way we could possibly play a game.”

Beers said it’s about making good choices and continuing to practice social distancing.

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