Leslie Grace knows better than anyone else that the loss of Batgirl is a bit of a downer. She took to Instagram recently to release a statement about the sudden cancelation of the film.

For those who don't know, the $90 million dollar movie won’t be seeing a release, either in theaters or on HBO Max. Many people were shocked by the move, and Warner Bros.’s full motive remains more or less unknown. Most reports claim it has something to do with the recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery.

You can read the post below.

In it, Grace talks about how proud she was of the work she did on the film, despite the fact that it’ll likely never see the light of day. The movie wasn’t quite finished yet, but it was at the very least done shooting and had entered post-production. Grace mentions the shoot took “over 7 months in Scotland.”

The directors also shared their feelings about the sad fate of Batgirl. Of course, they weren't incredibly happy to see things go down the way they did. In an Instagram post, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah shared their feelings. It was mostly positive, despite the fact that they apparently learned the news at El Arbi’s wedding. They pray that maybe someday, the film will find a way to see the light of day.

While the official reason given for the film's canning makes sense, it just doesn't really seem like that's a big enough reason to scrap a whole $90 million. Others have pointed out that a lot of other programming for HBO Max is getting the ax as part of the corporate restructuring after the merger. There’s also the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery gets to write off the entire budget of the movie if they don’t release it.

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