The general public will likely never get to lay eyes on Batgirl, but that doesn’t mean no one will.

Instead, Warner Bros. is running a few small screenings of the unfinished DC film for the cast and crew. Also invited to those screenings are some executives at HBO Max and Warner Bros. There are rumors abound about exactly what the fate of the film is going to be, but as of now, the project is still dead in the water.

As many know, Batgirl was put to rest after being almost entirely finished. The decision came from the new executives in charge of the merged Warner Bros. Discovery. Despite the movie , it having been mostly finished, it was decided it would be more cost-effective to shelve the film and take a tax write-off then to put it up on HBO Max.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, these so-called “funeral screenings” are taking place “before the film is sent off to an undisclosed afterlife, with footage locked away in a vault, either physical or digital.”

Aside from the obvious explanations, people are also speculating about other reasons for the course of action Warner Bros. Discovery has taken. Some believe without evidence that this is all a tactic to drum up publicity for the movie, and perhaps spark a fan-driven campaign to release the movie, akin to what happened with Warner Bros. Justice League and Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of the film.

Some people think that the film will be destroyed to prove to the world that the movie will never be released, while other people think it will languish in a HBO vault, along with the pilot of a recent, unaired Game Of Thrones spinoff. Until we hear more news, there's really no good way to know.

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