Needs Inc. Food Pantry has been working on a fundraiser for a new cooler/freezer at their food pantry. I've been fortunate enough to work with the awesome people at Needs Inc. from our Teacher Locker, helping them collect Thanksgiving items with the Turkey Drop (no turkeys were harmed in the event, they were before, because, ya know). So, now, Needs Inc is trying to hit the halfway mark on their goal of $25,000. They're so close, but they've been stuck just $100 shy for a few days now.

If you're feeling the Christmas Spirit, and generous, they could use your donations to inch them closer to their goal. As I write this, they are at $12,400. So close to halfway! I think we have it in us to push them past the goal line for the year, so all their hard workers and volunteers feel a little momentum going into 2021.

The amount of support they received leading up to Thanksgiving was incredible, they had so many donations, they had to stop taking them, and they were able to feed a lot of families.

Here's the thing, last year alone, Needs Inc Food Pantry fed 14,658 people in Laramie County, put clothes on 25,678 people, made 115(516 in 2020) Thanksgiving meals, and 150 Christmas meals. This year is going to be a lot more because of how damning the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. If someone needs help, they're here to do it. They're needing help from us now, to get a new Cooler/Freezer so they can feed even more people! If I managed to talk you into it, you can donate here.

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