Yellowstone National Park is home to many things. It is home to bison, bears, and moose. Old Faithful erupts on time all day, every day at the park. The mud pots boil and bubble. And sometimes early in the morning hours on Lake Yellowstone, unexplained wishers can be heard.

People have described the sounds in many ways. Some have said it sounds like voices. Some say it resembles bells or the buzzing of bees. According to, pioneers, scientists, and tourists alike have heard the eerie sounds coming from above Lake Yellowstone. To this day, no one knows what causes the noises.

Listen to this video, and you can hear a recording of the sounds from the lake. Typically you can listen to the whispers between sunrise and 10 am. They don't happen all the time, but historians have documented the tones for centuries.

Native Americans believed the sounds were sacred, and they were the voices of their departed relatives. A member of the Hayden Expedition wrote about the strange noises back in 1871. Some have even associated the sound with UFOs.


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