Cheyenne's live music scene is more than alive and well.Every year the CFD comes to town and with it comes the bands and live music shows.  But when the CFD is not in town Cheyenne still has a great live music scene, and its getting better all the time!

Coming to town this Sunday Jan 27th at The Atlas Theatre is a band you may not see at CFD, but still should be a great show and a good time none the less.

Nonpoint will take the stage at 7 pm. Tickets are 18 dollars in advance or 20 dollars at the door.

The band formed in 1997 and has 9 albums under its belt and has sold 750,000 albums in North America alone! With hits like " Bullet With A Name" and alive and kicking, and even a remake of Phil Collins : In The Air Tonight" which was used in the movie Miami Vice.

Josh Rhoten from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle newspaper Thursday on the band. Talking to its members and highlighting some of their success's and talking to them about life on the road. If you would like to check out his story and read more about the band and learn more about them click the link below.

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