I really enjoy a good tongue and cheek jab on social media. I'll go ahead and say that I love it. I love when different businesses or organizations get spicy with their comments, or just make sly references. The Cheyenne Police Department have an Easter Egg of a fun joke on their Facebook Page. Click here and tell me if you see what I'm talking about.

Did you see it? Anything out of the usual? It's there. Now, I'm not saying I'm a super sleuth(though, I wish I were). I was searching social media this morning to see what topics were trending when I found this gem. Here's the sexy reveal.

Via Facebook Screen Shot
Via Facebook Screen Shot

Whoever runs their social media page is my hero. They put a value to their Facebook Page. So, what they're saying, is, it's expensive to visit their Police Department. I love how tongue and cheek this is. It's like, yeah, it is expensive to visit you, I think I'll go somewhere else. Not that you have a choice if you get in the situation where you'd end up there, anyways, but, you get the point.

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I know that they don't actually take the fine money there, either. It's just the bill you get afterward is what they're going for.

Let's all just try and not have a reason to go to one of the more expensive places in Cheyenne, now that we know their Price Range is four dollar signs. That's more than most restaurants.

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