It's been another banner year for stupid criminals here in the Cowboy State. Here's our list of Wyoming's five craziest crime stories of 2015.

1. The Cheyenne Panty Raid - On March 4, Cheyenne Police were called to the J.C. Penney store on Del Range Boulevard to investigate a bizarre shoplifting incident. Store surveillance cameras showed a couple who walked into the store and stole over $9,000 worth of women's underwear. To date, no arrests have been made in the case.

2. Indecent Exposure in Casper - On August 27, a Casper man was arrested after paying for a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks. Bruce Booker told police that his pants had accidentally fallen down and he was trying to fix them. The poor barista had a different version of the events, noting the man dropped his pants and began pleasuring himself during the transaction.

3. Drivers Crashing into Stores - It was a wild ride for 20-year-old James Bergeron of Cheyenne on September 20. After a night of partying, Bergeron was driving while drunk down Lincolnway when he lost control of his vehicle, eventually crashing through the wall of the Family Dollar Store.

Bergeron was one of several Wyoming drivers who crashed into buildings this year.

In November, two people were injured in Casper after a truck lost control, careening into two local businesses. In June, an elderly Cheyenne man accidentally backed into a guard shack while attempting to exit a nearby car wash. In September, a drunken driver in Casper was arrested after crashing his van into the office of a local realtor.

4. The Cheyenne Streaker - On October 16, shoppers at the new Wal-Mart in Cheyenne got an unpleasant surprise when a naked man was seen running westbound on Interstate 80 during broad daylight. Amazingly, the streaker was able to elude the Wyoming Highway Patrol, who had responded to several calls from shocked motorists in the area. No arrests have been made in the case.

5. (Tie) The Casper Beef Smuggler - On August 18, employees at the Albertson's on CY avenue noticed a strange man in pajamas walking through the store at 5 p.m. After piquing their suspicion, the man was later spotted stuffing a large package of meat into his pajama pants before running out of the store.

Officers found the man in a nearby alley and arrested him for theft and marijuana possession.

5. (Tie) Deranged Cheyenne Man Threatens to Kill the President - On January 24, a man under the influence of heroin and methamphetamine walked into the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and asked to use a phone.

While there, the man claims he heard the voice of President Obama threatening to "crucify" him. He then called the Cheyenne Police dispatch center and told them, "I’m gonna bomb the White House and I’m gonna kill Obama.’”

The man was later arrested and charged with making terrorist threats. On July 2, a federal judge in Cheyenne found the man not guilty by reason of insanity and remanded him to a local mental health facility.

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