You read that right and in what seems like it should be a "Florida Man" story, this case happened to be a Dad in Gillette. You can also take all those stats about DUIs and Wyoming and how we're one of the worst per capita for DUIs. We know that they exist. There's no real reason to cite that as the main reason for this guy's indiscretion. Neither the children or anyone else was hurt in this story, so it's kind of like when your friend trips comically and gets up and you ask "are you alright" before you laugh at them. So let's not get too red-faced.

In a story from the Daily News back before Halloween, this Dad in Gillette had a few too many drinks and still decided to drive home with both his teenage son and toddler. When he was pulled over, he told the police that HE wasn't driving. His teenage son was 15, so that would eliminate him and the toddler, well was a toddler. So he couldn't be driving right? Right?

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Just kidding, it totally was the toddler.

Yes, that's what this guy's excuse was. Apparently, he told the officer that he wasn't driving. His 4-year old son was sitting on his lap and steering the vehicle. I mean, what was he expecting at this point?

"I wasn't driving, my toddler was"

That's a great excuse, it's on par with blaming the dog for a fart.

The Dad was already on probation for a previous DUI

Well, that explains why he pinned it on the kid. What are they going to do, put him in a crib?

Did the officer believe him?

No. No, they did not. According to the Daily Mail. The guy was arrested for a "parole violation, driving without a court-ordered interlock device, and suspicion of DUI."

Just a suspicion.

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