It looks like it's curtains for the Taco Bell on Dell Range in Cheyenne. Not only does the building have "closed" written all over it, but there is also some heavy equipment, that appears to be ready to take the building down. Now, as a fan of Taco Bell and their late-night menu, this feels like an attack. It's also, in my opinion, the best Taco Bell in Cheyenne.

Check out some pictures from the now-closed Taco Bell.

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As you can see, it absolutely looks like they're going to take the old girl down. If you're thinking like I am, how does a Taco Bell not make enough revenue to get taken down like this? I struggled with that thought for about fifteen minutes, until I started doing everything I could to find out what's going on with it.

When you Google "Taco Bell Dell Range Cheyenne" it pops up with a ton of things about the location. At the very top, it says, "Closed Permanently". When you click on the location on Taco Bell's webpage, it just has all the hours as closed. You can see that here.

I decided after this that I needed to look even deeper into the internet to find out what is going on with my beloved Dell Range Taco Bell. Thankfully, there's a gleam of hope from our friends at Reddit. Reddit is a mix of toxic comments and some helpful information. Someone already asked the question I had, because the internet is quick.

It appears that we're getting a brand new, renovated Taco Bell on Dell Range. So put your fears aside(assuming redditors know what they're talking about). You can see the discussion here.

Cheers to a new building for our favorite Taco Bell!


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