Months ago, when the Taco Bell on Dell Range was closed, I'm sure you felt like I did, a soul with a void in it. Sure, the Lincolnway Taco Bell is fine and all, but, as a resident of Midtown, I'd prefer to hit up the one on Dell Range that you can sneak in and out of in traffic, rather than worrying about dying pulling out on Lincolnway during rush hour. This is pretty much the only time I prefer Dell Range for anything, but, I digress.

I was running errands yesterday on Dell Range and decided to see what work has been done on the closed down and rebuilt Taco Bell. As I drove up to the local eatery, I was pretty surprised by how tall the Taco Bell is. Maybe I'm just crazy, and it's a normal-sized Taco Bell, but this new building, not only looks taller, but they have it set further back. I'm guessing they'll be able to have more room in the parking lot, but, man, it looks like it's getting closer to Guadalajara.

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Whether it's taller or further back will take a seat to how functional the new Taco Bell is. I always thought the previous building had the best and most efficient drive-thru in Cheyenne, though, their dining room left something to be desired. Which, they clearly wanted to address with the new Taco Bell castle. I'm for it.

Whoa! The New Taco Bell In Cheyenne Looks Giant!

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