Once upon a time, which sounds like the cliche opening for a classic story, Chris Van Allsburg lived on a ranch in Jackson, WY. Van Allsburg is the author and illustrator of the famous children's book, 'The Polar Express'. And he happened to write that while living at the Jackson, WY ranch, which is now up for sale. Let's have a look at this thing.

Before we get to that, how about some info about the ranch? The property, dubbed as 'The Polar X Ranch features views of the Grand Teton Mountains, 40-foot ceilings in floor-to-ceiling rooms framed by glass all around. Based on info from Andrew Ellett of Engels & Volkers Jackson Hole real estate firm, the time that Mr. Van Allsburg spent at the residence is when he wrote the aforementioned book, 'The Polar Express'.

The book reached such fame that is was turned into a movie with Tom Hanks back in 2004. Van Allsburg also wrote another story you might be be familiar with called 'Jumanji' back in 1981.

The property has also underwent renovations with the most recent coming in 2010 to the tune of $3 million. Okay, now it's about time to have a look at this thing...

Wyoming Ranch Where 'The Polar Express' Was Written

The property has hit the market for a price of $17.5 million if you happen to have that type of cash lying around. The property is just 5 minutes from the historic town square in Jackson as well.

You can find more info on the Polar X Ranch through Engel & Volkers of Jackson Hole by clicking the link here.

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