You could have money waiting for you. Final paychecks, tax refunds, uncollected deposits, life insurance policies and other sources could be waiting for you to retrieve them.

All 50 states have unclaimed assets departments. The Wyoming State Treasurer and the Unclaimed Property Division have been making a collaborative effort to return unclaimed money and properties to Wyomingites.

In fact, so many have been using their website that they have posted.


“The Unclaimed Property Division is experiencing a heavier than normal volume of claim calls. Please expect delays.”

-Wyoming State Treasurer


Be patient, the money will spend just as well a few days or weeks later. First, find out if they have anything that belongs to you.


Tony Lesko looks and acts like a fool, but he offers some advice you may be able to prosper from. He says to avoid dot coms and dot net websites.

If you’ve moved and the IRS has a check for you, they won’t forward it to you. The Treasury Department may have savings bonds you don’t know about.

“Maybe your grandmother set you up” and you don’t know it. Check the Treasury Department. “Maybe your grandfather had a pension” you could benefit from.

The Veterans Administration may have payments that you don’t know you have coming to you. The Department of Labor may have money for you from suing companies that mistreated employees, but you left before the lawsuit happened. Bank failures, Credit Union failures, and other sources may be worth checking out.

Put up with his huckster style and dancing, but see if you could benefit from his knowledge. You never know until you try.

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