This Wyoming property looks like somewhere a secret agent might want to live. The property has quiet surroundings away from pretty much everything while still also living a lavish lifestyle. Basically, living like how James Bond would.

The 73-acre Wyoming property has incredibly dramatic views and according to Mansion Global, the house includes a three-bedroom, three-bathroom main home and a one-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house. The high slanted roofs give it the luxurious look of a home you might find out in L.A. as opposed to its location in Alta, WY. As I said, it looks like James Bond might live there.

With plenty of natural light coming through, there are also skylights in the main residence to add to that. There's lots of wide-open space on the inside that includes a kitchen island and a separate breakfast bar because why not have both? There are floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding so much of the space inside, which includes an enormous living room, entertaining areas, and a large dining room as if you're hosting a dinner party every night. And then of course the outdoor patio area for hosting as well, with a breathtaking view that includes the Teton Mountains.

You know what, that's a lot of talk so far, how about we just show you this amazing place...

Murphy House 73-Acre Property

The Murphy House is known for that name since it's named after the family that currently owns it. As Mansion Global reports, they have owned it since 2014.

The home was also designed by California architect Richard Keating. The 73-acre property is currently selling for $8.75 million dollars. Christian Cisco of Jackson Hole Sotheby's International Realty is selling the property and you can contact him through the listing at the link provided here.


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