“Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” could include Wyoming. Wallethub has found that ”your location can influence your odds of finding a romantic partner.”

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Source: WalletHub

States with more singles increase your odds of finding a mate. A low cost of living index allows for less expensive and hence, more dates. Nighttime activities and daytime attractions are also a factor.

 “Analysts compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 32 key indicators of dating-friendliness. Our dataset ranges from the share of the single population to the number of online dating opportunities to nightlife options per capita.”

Their report found that over 45 percent of the U.S. adult population is unmarried.

Source: WalletHub

If you’re looking for love, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Denver and San Diego are best for a target rich environment.

Looking for love in Wyoming, means you go further down the list. Further… keep going… further. Casper comes in at #117 while Cheyenne is number 172.

Did they forget quality over quantity?


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