If you want to move out of "Single Town" you've come to the right place.

"This, right here, is why falling in love is so (expletive) hard." Alex Hitchens shouted this at Sara Milas in the 2005 movis, Hitch. Although he was clearly not referring to online dating services, I'm sure you've felt like shouting this at your phone or computer screen after a failed [insert dating app name here] date. You really had high hopes for this one, but you were let down. Don't give up hope! Dust yourself off, dry your tears and get back on that horse.

As it turns out, Wyoming is one of the best states for online dating.

According to All Home Connections, the success potential for your app may be based on where you live. AT&T compared states across the country on demographics, safety and opportunity to determine the 2018 Best & Worst States for Online Dating. Wyoming came in smelling like roses on this one.

In fact, Wyoming landed in the the top 20 on this list.

The Cowboy State just barely missed a top 15 spot with a number 16 ranking. Despite a low percentage of singles, Wyoming has a fair amount of dating opportunities and favorable demographics for love. In addition, our state has one of the highest safety rankings across the country, which should put you at ease when it comes to meeting up with that good looking stranger.

What can we say, love is in the air in Wyoming.

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