Save yourself and your sweetheart the disappointment this year.

We've got the big day of love coming up on Friday, February 14. It's Valentine's Day and romance will be in the air... everywhere. No, seriously. Everyone will be celebrating Valentine's Day on the actual holiday. Gifts, chocolates, flowers, dinner at that fancy restaurant in town, you favorite bottle of wine, all of these things may be hard to come by on Friday.

My question is, why wait?

Why not do something special for Valentine's Day earlier in the week? My favorite go-to during a week like this is the office lunch surprise. Pick up your sweetheart's favorite lunch and show up to their office with it. Pair it with a long-stem rose or a small box of chocolates to make it even more special. Or, go all out with that fancy dinner on Wednesday night. That's what hubby and I are doing so we can just chill in our pajamas with pizza and a movie at home on Friday night.

And fellas, let me say that your lady won't turn down flowers if you pick them up on the way home from work today.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't do something on the actual holiday, but what I am saying is that something small and sweet this week will take the pressure off of Friday's activities. In fact, it will feel extra special because it's unexpected. Have you ever played up a holiday or birthday in your head for so long that you find yourself disappointed when it finally arrives? Yeah, this is a great way to avoid any of those feelings.

Here are a few ideas of sweet Valentine's gestures you could do this week...

1. Surprise them at the office with their favorite restaurant order
2. Grab a small bouquet of flowers at the store on your way home from work
3. Hide a Valentine somewhere in the house they frequent with a note that says "This couldn't wait until Friday"
4. Get up early, pick up or make their favorite coffee and bring it to them in bed
5. If they love a bath, draw up a warm bath with bubbles, light some candles, dim the lights and give them some peace and quiet
6. If they typically cook and clean, take over those responsibilities for the week
7. Do the big fancy dinner out before Friday

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