Santa hasn't even had time to put the sleigh in storage yet.

Stupid Cupid, we haven't even celebrated New Year yet. Can you just wait for your turn? I've seen a few of my friends' Instagram stories that show Valentine's Day items already on store shelves. We're talking candy, chocolate, decorations, and Valentine's. It's a little early, don't you think?

Or is it actually right on time?

Looking back at the holidays that we celebrate after summer ends, you can see premature celebratory items making their way onto those store displays. Of course, Christmas items tend to go on sale whenever they darn please, but we'll see Halloween stores pop up in August, a full two months before the big night. I guess Valentine's Day wouldn't be any different.

Except that my single friends are livid.

And I don't blame them. As one girl put it, "What a great reminder that I was single for the holidays." The holidays are hard enough to do alone, but now you've got the "day of love" being thrown in your face before the last piece of New Year's confetti even hits the floor.

Not to mention, my New Year's resolutions don't compensate for accidental shopping splurges for chocolate.

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