The City of Casper on Monday afternoon announced that the city's main thoroughfares are cleared and driveable.

Snowplow crews have now begun clearing secondary streets around schools and will move to others after that.

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“With the wind, we are finding some drifting in the southern part of Casper especially on parts of CY Avenue, South Poplar Street, Wyoming Boulevard, and Casper Mountain Road," Streets Manager Shad Rodgers said in a news release.

Once collector streets are plowed, crews will move on to some residential streets.

City officials stress that motorists will still likely have trouble driving on residential streets. They strongly encourage drivers to take their vehicle's clearance into consideration.

If it's too low, motorists risk becoming stranded on non-plowed streets.

And crews aren't available to rescue stranded motorists.

"If you have a true emergency, call 911," Rodgers said.

According to the city, residential streets typically aren't plowed unless a storm or blowing and drifting snow make the street impassable.

Residents can call streets and traffic at 307-235-8283 to put a street on the list for evaluation after a large storm.

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