It doesn't sound much different than the rest of our year, does it?

The holiday season is here and so are the goodies! Gosh, I love the food we get to indulge in during this time of year. I love the hearty meats like turkey and ham, the carbs like fresh baked bread and mashed potatoes, the sweets like apple pie and sugar cookies. Ugh, so good. I fully intend on getting my fill.

And so do a lot of other people.

According to a recent survey, 61 percent of Americans are planning on overeating this holiday season. It seems wrong to say that it's all apart of the holiday game, but it kind of is. Why do you think we take so many naps during this time of year? Actually, this holiday season sounds a lot like how the rest of our year has been. We've been turning to our favorite comfort foods and often times we have been consuming way too much of them.

So why change our habits now? That's what the new year is for, right? Well, that's what many people think.

That same survey revealed that 56 percent of us have given up on the healthy eating until after the ball has dropped on New Year's day. While this may not be the best strategy, the holidays aren't the time to be kickstarting a diet. That's just asking for failure.

What I would suggest to you (and to myself, for that matter), is to consume everything in moderation. Sure, it may not be as fun, but if you truly want to set yourself up for success with those New Year's resolutions, you can't sabotage yourself now. Just "have a taste" like my grandmother says. Drink plenty of water during this time of year to curb your snacking and practice moderate portions.

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