The video starts out like any other tourist video. There is a herd of bison. The camera is inside the car safely recording the wild animals. Wait, what is that guy doing? No, did he just jump on a bison and ride it? The video ends with the woman in the car saying:

Should we call 911?

Facebook videos make take some time to load. Be Patience.

SPOILER ALERT: The video is a fake, but that doesn't mean it's not funny. If you watch the area around the man with the orange shirt, you can tell this video used a green screen. Plus when the guy jumps on the bison, he kind of floats on top of it.

777 Bison Ranch out of South Dakota published this video on their Facebook Page. If you look at their main page, you can see that the guy in the orange shirt, is in about every photo on the page. Well, any photo that isn't of a bison of calf. My bet is he is an owner or at least an employee. I do have to say I'm glad the put this together.

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