We never figured everyone in the Cowboy State owns a cowboy hat, but wow! In recent years it started to seem it might be quicker to poll for a percentage of those who do not own a Cowboy hat. And the suspicion turns out overwhelming among fans of this site. Split between three main feelings on wearing a cowboy hat, the non cowboy hatters won by a mile!

Maybe it’s not the shock we might have thought it would be, now looking back over last year at Cheyenne Frontier Night concerts. Kenny Chesny was the only act including a cowboy hat. All others wore a baseball cap, except Billy Currington who we gave a pass because he can’t get any kind of hat over all his curls.

Four years ago Luke Bryan explained why, “Cowboy hats just aren’t for me.”  And Blake Shelton said that he always wore a cowboy hat, until he finally succumbed to a negative label called a “Hat act.”

So it all makes sense how so many now can enjoy “The Daddy of ‘Em All,” without a Cowboy hat.

After one week, we thank all who voted. The choices in our poll were thus and so

I love Wyoming, but no, I do NOT own a cowboy hat. … 62.01 Percent 

I always have at least one cowboy hat. … 26.74 Percent

I don't own one cowboy hat. I own about 5. … 8.51 Percent

Other: …. 2.73 Percent

And among some comments of “Others”: “I think I used to have one.” “I own one and only use it for horse shows.” “No Cowboy hats in this house of 3.” “I proudly DO NOT own a cowboy hat.” “No, just no.” And for a final comment on cowboy hats: “Gone through too many to count. Lol”

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