Based on what things look like in our area, this is how we should be getting our spook on.

Anyone else holding their breath for the upcoming fall and holiday season? I find myself getting a little anxious. I want people to enjoy the same traditions they always do, but I also don't want this lame virus to spread anymore. I'm so over all of this.

Obviously, because of the pandemic, things will look different this Halloween.

However, how different things look will likely depend on how active COVID-19 is in each area. At least that's the theory behind this interactive Halloween map put together by everyone's favorite chocolate producer, Hershey. They have teamed up with health professionals to bring clarity to the candy-focused holiday.

Not only have they included information about cases in each county, but they have assigned those numbers a color. Each color signifies the risk of contracting the virus while offering up unique ideas for how to keep the Halloween spirit alive and well. This map is constantly updated and could serve as a valuable guide in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Here is a quick breakdown of the color and some of the Halloween ideas Hershey has offered up...


  • Set up some spooky 6-foot markers to encourage social distancing for trick-or-treating
  • Participate in garage or trunk-or-treat options
  • Throw a driveway party or limit the number of guests you invite into your home


  • Toss those treats into the buckets for trick-or-treaters
  • Drive through the neighborhood and pick up treats each house's driveway
  • Organize a neighborhood costume parade for those kiddos to show off their costumes


  • Keep the kids in the yard and have neighbors bring the candy to them for reverse trick-or-treat fun
  • Have the neighbors drive through the neighborhood and deliver treats to the kids
  • Create a candy scavenger hunt around the block with clues to where the candy is stashed


  • Host a Halloween Zoom or Netflix viewing party
  • Trick-or-treat inside the house or in the yard with your family with themed rooms or candy stations
  • Make an epic Halloween feast and host a costumed dinner party

For more celebratory ideas, click here.

Now for Cheyenne, we are currently in the Yellow zone. The map breaks it down by county. Laramie county is yellow at this point and fingers crossed we can wiggle our way into the green by the time October 31 arrives.

What are your plans for Halloween? How are you getting creative? Feel free to share your ideas through our mobile app or post them on our social media.

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