Tammy Lynne says Cheyenne Frontier Days is the daddy of her three sons Cody, Douglas, and Jackson. But Calgary Stampede claims he's been having an affair with Tammy Lynne for years and he's the daddy.

"Look at those kids, Maury," Calgary said. "They don't look like Cheyenne. Those boys have mullets."

Calgary also believes that Tammy Lynne's oldest son Cody, who grew a full beard at the age of 12, looks exactly like him.

Tammy Lynne admits she hasn't always been faithful to Cheyenne, but she claims there's no way Calgary can be the father of her children.

"The timing isn't right, Maury,", Tammy Lynne insisted. "All of my kids were born in the last week of April, exactly 9 months after I was with Cheyenne."

A tearful Cheyenne said he hopes the children are his and promised to take care of the boys even if he isn't their biological daddy.

"It doesn't matter what their DNA is," Cheyenne insisted. "I will always be their Daddy."

Following a break, Maury revealed the results of the paternity test.

"In the case of Cody, Douglas, and Jackson...Cheyenne...you ARE the Daddy of 'Em All!!!"

After a joyful embrace with Tammy Lynne and his boys, Cheyenne line danced on stage and admonished the studio audience.

"I told you," he proclaimed. "I told you I was the Daddy!!!"

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