Who is the ultimate Josh? We found out the answer on Saturday, April 24 but first a little background on how we got here.

Josh Swain is a college student from Arizona. As the pandemic was ramping up in April 2020 Swain became bored being stuck in quarantine. One day he sent a message out on social media to people who shared his name, challenging them to a battle royal one year later.

What was originally started as a joke soon gained traction and culminated into a real battle with hundreds of Joshes from all around the country armed with pool noodles descending upon Air Park in Lincoln. Swain selected Lincoln, Nebraska because it's centrally located in the US.

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There were two tournaments going on. One was for all the people named "Josh" to battle each other with pool noodles. The other contest was for people named "Josh Swain" to engage in a “grueling and righteous battle of rock, paper, scissors." The event's creator Josh Swain won the rock, paper, scissor battle against another Josh Swain from Omaha.

The inaugural Battle of the Joshes champion is Joshua Vinson Jr who was swinging a red pool noodle.

All this silliness was for a good cause as the Joshes teamed up to collect 300 pounds of food for a Lincoln food bank and $8000 for a children's hospital in Omaha.

If there were any Joshes from South Dakota at this event, let me know and maybe I could write a story about your experience.

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