The Seattle-based MOD Pizza chain is coming to the Cowboy State, bringing their "Made-On-Demand" franchise to Cheyenne in 2021, with additional locations planned for Casper and Laramie.

Founded in 2008, MOD currently has over 400 franchises in the United States and England. MerBee Holdings, which owns 25 MOD and 14 Jersey Mike's stores in Colorado, recently announced its expansion plan for Wyoming.

MerBee CEO Bob Merullo is currently scouting potential locations for the first Cheyenne restaurant. If that's successful, they plan to open a second store in Cheyenne, followed by additional outlets in Casper and Laramie, according to The Cheyenne Post.

MOD's popular "on-demand" model allows customers to create their own artisan pizzas, using organic dough and gourmet ingredients. After patrons choose their toppings, the pizzas are baked for three minutes in an 800-degree brick oven and served along with salads, milkshakes, soft drinks, beer, and wine.

Along with their pizzas, the MOD chain is also known for its workplace environment. In recent years, the company has advocated paying employees a "living wage". In 2015, Fortune Magazine named it one of the 10 best retail chains to work for.




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