This just feels way too good to be true.

Around these parts, we love the great outdoors. I think many of us would rather spend a weekend getting lost in nature than visiting a big city. It's one of the reason why we live here. We have a front seat to what we love the most on a daily basis. We are never short on an excuse to be outside.

Which is why it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for one of us to also vacation in the great outdoors. I mean, sure we could do that just a few miles down or up the road. However, I think other states can give us a unique view of this beautiful world we live in.

So how does Big Sky, Montana sound for a little getaway?

There's a listing on Airbnb for a stay at the Big Sky Resort beginning May 13. According to the description, two lucky people will be able to stay in this Airbnb for three days and two nights this October. The host, Conrad, says that it's not a contest, but selecting two people from the thousands of bookings that I'm sure they will get, sounds a lot like a contest.

The two guests will be the only people on the property between October 7 and October 9. This means that you have access to all 5,850 acres of outdoor goodness, in addition to the one bedroom, one bathroom home on Andesite Mountain. I know, it sounds small, but who needs a huge house when you have all of that acreage to explore. They listing claims you will also have views of three different states and two national parks.

Not to mention, the Draconids meteor shower is expected to peak on October 8 and you'll the best seats in the house.

Again, are we sure this isn't some fairytale?

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