On the upcoming season on A&E's hit show Live PD, the show will be on the streets with the Missoula County Sheriff's Office, according to ABC Fox Montana.

Camera crews will be with at least two deputies throughout the show on Friday's and Saturday's once the season starts. Someone from the sheriff's office spoke to ABC Fox Montana and said this about Live PD filming them, "...an amazing opportunity for us to showcase some of the great work being done by our deputies to protect and serve our community."

Live PD is Live on Friday and Saturday nights on A&E Network. It is a two-hour show, showcasing the departments they are working with and how they handle live interaction with suspects, criminals, and everyday citizens. It is similar to the show Cops which follows officers on the job and records their daily routines. The difference with this show is they are live in eight departments for every show. Plus, they have actual officers in the studio talking about each situation.

The next season of Live PD starts September 20th. Who knows, with it being so close to Wyoming, Live PD may eventually come here.

If Live PD wanted to follow law enforcement in Wyoming which one should they follow?

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