Kelly and Ava Breiterman are reeling after an experience with Southwest Airlines this weekend. The mother and daughter were asked to deboard a plane after 5-year-old Ava, who has autism, could not keep her mask on.

According to Denver 7, Ava has stage 2 autism and struggles with sensory issues, which means that her mother, Kelly, has a hard time encouraging her to keep her mask on for long periods of time.

Breiterman said that Southwest repeatedly asked them to put the child's mask on, but by the time they were seated, Ava still wasn't wanting to wear it. The manager quoted Southwest policy and, despite their doctor's note, asked the two to leave the aircraft, according to Denver 7.

After the experience, the airline offered Breiterman a $50 voucher to another flight but their bags remained on the plane to DIA. The two had to rent a car to drive back to Denver.

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