NASA actually is planning to drill into the Yellowstone Super-volcano. Whether or not they really do it, they are planning it. We can only take a poll on what Wyoming folks think about it. If you thought this was just a sensational website claim, there are real working scientists who are talking about it.

If you were to spend a while trying to debunk it, you'd find that it is NASA's idea for real - drilling to shoot water into the magma.

A part of NASA, The Advisory Council on Planetary Defense is a thing - as in defending earth from really bad things like from asteroids and comets.

This is tracks to the BBC (credible for more than just British accents, like accuracy). The guy they quote is Brian Wilcox who works with NASA, and said, "I came to the conclusion the super-volcano threat is substantially greater than the asteroid or comet threat." Yikes, doesn't Brian work for the people who claimed there is "no threat" from Yellowstone. Their plan, however, does check out with several other reputable sites like Popular Mechanics, International Business Times, and now

Here is NASA’s plan for avoiding a Yellowstone eruption, according to the BBC:

They believe the most viable solution is to drill up to 10 km to the super-volcano, and pump down water at high pressure. The circulating water would return at a temperature of around 662 F, thus slowly day by day extracting heat from the volcano.

This could accomplish two things. First, it may relieve building pressure under ground. Second, they want to harness the heat of Yellowstone as a power source.

Here’s the thing. Not everyone is convinced they can prevent an eruption. In fact, several sites have experts concerned that it could cause an eruption.

It's suggested you get sources to draw your own conclusions. There are so many crazy Yellowstone theories out there. Just be careful what websites you trust.

For now let's leave it at that and call this the time to ask you what you think?

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