We might see our shelter pets on a national stage.

This year NBC will once again be putting the nation's attention on our shelter pets. Each year the network puts these animals in the spotlight with their Clear the Shelters event. This year, the seventh for NBC, the event will take place August 23 through September 19.

According to the website, the event has been successful over the years.

NBC Universal Local is teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the country to host Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive in August 2021 that helps find loving homes for animals in need. More than 551,000 pets have found their forever homes since 2015.

Be sure to tune in as we could see some familiar faces.

Shelters across the country are invited to register for the event. If you know and love a local shelter in Wyoming, make sure they know this is available. It could mean more of their animals finding their forever home.

The few shelters closest to us that are already registered are in the Denver area. That means some of the pets you see during this year's event are actually just a road trip away. And, like I said above, more shelters can register to be a part of this national pet adoption drive.

Here are Denver shelters participating this year:

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue - Denver

Looking for a cat? Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue cares for homeless cats before they find their forever home. They are a free-roaming facility.

Dumb Friends League - Denver

The Dumb Friends League is a community-based welfare organization. According to their Instagram, they are the largest of their kind in the Rocky Mountain region. They're dedicated not just to finding pets homes, but to ending animal suffering.

Lola's Rescue Center - Littleton

Looking for a Lab or another large angel? LOLA's Rescue specializes in those animals. In fact, that's what LOLA stands for... Labs and Other Large Angels.

Of course, you don't have to wait to adopt one of these adorable animals.

If you've ever considered bringing a pet into your home, I recommend you do it. I don't know what I would do without the love and joy that I get from my dog Oliver. He truly is the one of the biggest delights of my life.

Pets can also improve your mental health, according to WebMD, as they can provide the following...

Companionship - Pets are loyal and they love you no matter what. They are always there and always willing to do what you want to do. Ever talk to your pet like they are a person? There's a reason for that. WebMD believes this companionship also opens you up to forming relationship with other people.

A Better Mood - WebMD says that just looking your pet in the eye will boost your mood. It's all because of a hormone called oxytocin that gets released in your body when looking at your pet. This mood-boosting, love hormone can lift your spirits.

Healthier Routines - My dog Oliver and I walk just about every single day. I know it's good for him, which is why I do it. However, moving my body is also good for me. In addition, WebMD says having a responsibility to care for your pet will spill over into other parts of your life.

So stop any of our local shelters and allow yourself to fall in love with one of these sweet faces. You'll be glad you did! Trust me.

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