Thanks to a dig near Douglas, Wyoming, there's a new type of dinosaur that we now know about.

I saw this on Sci News. It's an announcement that a new bird-like type of dinosaur was discovered in the Jimbo Quarry in the Morrison Formation. According to their story, the dig actually took place way back in 2001, but the find was just published in a study on a peer review site.

The new dino species is technically named Hesperornithoides miessleri, but has been nicknamed "Lori" according to Sci News.

The peer review site has details on exactly what was found near Douglas:

Douglas, Converse County, Wyoming, USA; middle portion of Morrison Formation, which has been variously dated between Oxfordian and Tithonian in age (Trujillo, 2006; Trujillo et al., 2014), associated vertebrate fossils include the sauropod Supersaurus, a stegosaurid plate, and isolated large theropod teeth.

This is proof that if Jurassic Park ever happens for real, it needs to happen near Douglas. As Jeff Goldblum said in the movie "life finds a way".

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