Hi, well I have made it to the Capitol City, kicking off your mornings.  This is really exciting for me, getting to what I love on a station that plays the best music of anyone’s life time, yeah, take that Mozart.  So, I moved here from my hometown in Henderson Kentucky where I worked for some radio stations in Evansville Indiana.  Before that I was in Myrtle Beach, Western New York and Louisville.  I mean, take away the ocean view in Myrtle Beach, and I’ll take the Rocky Mountains any day(and the lack of humidity).   

I was recently married to my awesome wife, Amanda, who was awesome enough to be open to move across the country with me.  We have a zoo full of animals in our house, two dogs, Jolene and Brewer, two cats Ella and Chauncey.  So the idea that there is always some sound coming from somewhere in our home at any given time of the day is probable.   

I graduated from the University of Louisville, so college sports rules my life as a fan.  Please don’t mistake me for those gross fans in Kentucky that sport blue.  YUCK!  I do love to go watch Louisville play basketball and football, my wife and I had season tickets for both before making our trek out west.  We may have to supplement in some Pokes Pride to make due for our lack of Cards action.  I’m also a fan of the Chicago Cubs and he Pittsburgh Steelers(not many options growing up for sports cities in Kentucky).  

I am a big fan of craft beer.  I am a very humble/modest home brewer, so between sports and brewing beer for fun, and beercations to different cities, I try to keep busy outside of entertaining you every morning.   

Want to learn more? Check me out each morning and click on my social media links. 

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